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CA Wily Introscope

In today’s web-based business environment, the success or failure of your enterprise depends on the customer’s ability to complete a transaction and IT’s ability to find and fix problems before they affect that customer.

CA Wily Introscope® provides 24 x 7 monitoring, incident detection and notification, rapid triage, root-cause analysis and historical data reporting to help ensure superior service delivery and successful customer experiences.


With CA Wily Introscope, you can identify and remove bottlenecks, eliminate unplanned outages, optimize your resources, and lower the costs associated with maintaining complex web applications.

CAWily Introscope lets IT teams and business stakeholders work collaboratively to ensure that mission-critical web applications successfully meet business and performance goals.

The CA Advantage

CA Wily Introscope is unique in its ability to monitor the production environment in real time, 24 x 7. Its instrumentation technology is now the industry standard. 

CA Wily Introscope is platform-independent, making it a critical component in the CA Enterprise IT Management (EITM) vision to unify and simplify IT management across the enterprise.

CA Wily Introscope Monitors Live Web Applications End-to-End, 24 x 7

Today’s enterprise relies on web applications to execute critical business functions. The success or failure of your business depends on the customer’s ability to complete online transaction reliably and IT’s ability to find and fix problems quickly, before service level agreements (SLAs) are breached. Achieving these goals becomes more difficult as the web application environment increases in complexity and the number of transactions grows. Key IT and line of business stakeholders lose visibility into customer experiences and business processes.

To help ensure superior service delivery and excellent customer experiences, IT teams need real-time intelligence about application performance and the ability to quickly find the causes of incidents when they arise. With CA Wily Introscope, you regain essential 24 x 7 visibility into vital web applications in production environments. By using this industry-leading application performance management tool, you can quickly isolate problems — before they affect customer satisfaction, impact your bottom line or violate SLAs.

Essential Visibility into Web Transactions

With comprehensive end-to-end transaction visibility across your entire infrastructure — application and web servers, messaging middleware and databases — you can identify and resolve performance problems no matter where they originate.

CA Wily Introscope enables you to isolate bottlenecks in your application, right down to individual Servlets, JSPs, EJBs, Classes and Methods. You can use it to monitor individual problem transactions in your production environment, across multiple processes and quickly determine where slowdowns and failures occur in the transaction path. The CA Wily Introscope monitoring can be extended to any type of application subsystem that impacts performance using Environment Performance Agent™ (EPA). Because CA Wily Introscope is platform independent, it can be used to monitor any unique web application environment.

Users can customize the CA Wily Introscope dashboards to create deep, intuitive views of the application infrastructure. Less technically skilled users can rely on auto-generated views of the application environment, and always-on baselining to triage out-of-bounds performance conditions. Using a simple slider, you can also switch seamlessly between live and historical performance data.

When you integrate CA Wily Introscope with CA Wily Customer Experience Manager, you gain even greater end-to-end visibility into customer transaction errors and critical business processes. Together, these products offer a unified view of customer experiences and web infrastructure performance from the transaction perspective.

How CA Wily Introscope Works

When a problem occurs, an automatic alert enables IT teams to take immediate action. Operations or application support personnel can rapidly triage the incident, gather essential data about the nature of the issue, and assign the fix to the right person. Your application performance experts can then run root cause diagnostics to solve the problem quickly — with minimal impact on your IT resources.

You can save all of the CA Wily Introscope historical data using the SmartStor feature. IT and Lines of Business can use this historical data to manage SLAs, plan for future needs, analyze trends and comply with corporate governance initiatives. By improving application performance — executing high-volume transactions reliably and delivering superior response time — you can meet, or even exceed, an application’s business objectives.

Extend the CA Wily Introscope Reach

Realize even greater value by enhancing CA Wily Introscope with additional products. For example, you can rapidly diagnose the cause of change-related web application performance issues with CAWily Introscope® ChangeDetector™, which detects aggregates, verifies and analyzes application changes in the production environment. Or, track down hard-to-find memory leaks in J2EE applications with CA Wily Introscope® LeakHunter™ and eliminate a major source of application slowdowns and failures.

You can also enhance your triage and diagnostics capabilities with CA Wily Introscope® Browser Response Time Adapter, which gives you the ability to determine whether incidents are network- or application-based. Improve web transaction completion rates with CA Wily Introscope® ErrorDetector™, the first and only tool that detects and diagnoses the cause o serious errors — such as “404 Not Found.”

CA Wily Introscope® PowerPack offerings provide out-of-the-box views into critical application server resources such as threads, pools and queues. CA Wily Introscope PowerPack offerings are also available with pre-built views of back-end connectors, enabling you to locate performance issues in specific systems within the application environment such as databases, transaction servers and messaging systems.

CA Wily Introscope Benefits

  • Manage Application Availability - CA Wily Introscope helps ensure a consistently superior user experience and enables you to meet SLAs. It also helps identify and remove bottlenecks, allowing you to eliminate unplanned outages.
  • Improve Application Performance - CA Wily Introscope helps you meet or exceed the application’s business objectives. It enables you to maximize the performance of your Web infrastructure — executing high volume transactions with greater reliability, while delivering superior response times.
  • Control Investment and Risk - CA Wily Introscope delivers exceptional quality of service, allowing you to improve the quality of your applications. It also enables you to control cost and resource utilization by helping to speed up your application deployments.