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CA Software Change Manager

CA SCM® makes it easy for your organization to automate and manage your application development process, enabling you to efficiently track and report on software changes in your distributed environment. Its intuitive Web interface and multi-tier, multiplatform architecture can synchronize development teams across your enterprise. Its extensible architecture enables unprecedented platform coverage that includes Mac OSX and IBM System i support.


Regulatory mandates, changing business needs and the demands for consistently high levels of IT services drive the need for a cohesive approach to software change management. Your organization must be able to prove compliance with critical controls, set priorities for software changes, and track and implement changes to applications. Automating the development and maintenance lifecycle increases developer productivity resulting in improved project cycle times, with the benefit of reduced errors.

The CA Advantage

CA SCM provides a high performance solution for automating change management across the enterprise. CA is unique with its Service Management Integrations with CA Endevor® Software Change Manager for mainframe development, CA Service Desk Manager for issue and problem management, and with CA Clarity for project and portfolio management. Part of the CA Change & Configuration management solution, it works with CA’s vision for Enterprise IT Management (EITM) — to help unify and simplify IT management across the enterprise.

CA Software Change Manager: The Efficient Way to Manage Your Distributed Environment

At every point in the application life cycle — from impact analysis to testing to production and follow-on maintenance — development organizations must address a continuous flow of complex changes to application source code. Faced with competitive pressures and increasing market demands, developers have less time to implement changes than in the past. Many organizations — especially those heavily invested in web technology — might have to deliver new applications in weeks rather than months or years. With the added pressure that only topquality, error-free applications can be allowed into production, the challenge to successfully track and implement application code changes can seem insurmountable.

Comprehensive, integrated and repository-based, CA SCM helps you better manage complex change workflows associated with application development projects. Creation and routing of change and service requests and other routine tasks are automated. Critical audit information is collected and a change history is maintained. Automatic tracking of software problems supports proactive issue management and resolution with accurate responses to day-to-day problems. It also helps to assure that each change fulfills specific business requirements and follows a predefined, repeatable strategy. An advanced reporting system using Business Objects® simplifies monitoring and managing complex development projects.

CA SCM Begins with the Process

CA SCM from CA delivers a single enterprise-wide solution for tracking software changes and managing the application development process. Through simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop operations, CA SCM helps you control changes to application artifacts such as documents and software, keep development schedules on track and make sure that team members and business users are always up-to-date with the latest status information and changes. With CA SCM, developers can meet demanding delivery schedules in a timely fashion while maximizing productivity, reducing development costs and improving application quality.

CA SCM scales to handle projects of any size, from the largest client/server enterprise systems to smaller, mission-critical team centric developments. In addition, by integrating CA SCM and CA Endevor® Software Change Manager, you can extend Software Change and Configuration Management support to the mainframe for unparalleled application life cycle management across the enterprise.

Key Features

  • Process Centric Change Management
  • Automated Compliance
  • Form and Procedure Automation
  • Problem Management
  • Process Management
  • Defect Tracking
  • Electronic Notification
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • Support for Popular Development Tools
  • Multi-platform Management
  • Source-to-Executable Synchronization
  • Web Client
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Out-of-the-box Usability
  • Efficient Networking
  • Rich Web-Enabled Status Reporting and Approvals
  • Centralized Administration
  • Lifecycle/Workflow Engine
  • Enhanced LDAP Support
  • CA Software Delivery Integration
  • Programming Interface Enhancements
  • Integration into the Change Process