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pureSCM’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with CA SCM is your solution for a complete, collaborative and centralized suite - making ALM easier and more efficient for your organization. Leverage pureSCM’S suite to sync all your lifecycle activities.

Download ROI PaperImageSome key Application Lifecycle Management processes are:
> Requirements Management
> Software Change and Configuration Management
> Test Case/Plan Management
> Defect Management
> Build Management
> Deployment Management
> Collaboration and Reporting

CA SCM with the pureSCM ALM solution is an integrated suite that makes complete, collaborative ALM easier and more efficient. This platform combines SCM and ALM into one centralized tool to create, build, test, manage issues/defects, requirements gathering, traceability and collaboration - supporting any number of development tools and environments. This suite is available to use as a combined SCM / ALM tool with CA SCM to leverage version control and build automation or as a stand-alone ALM application to add support from the requirements through to the release of an application.
Click here to see a demonstration video of ALM in action.

  • Dramatically decrease management time
  • Increased traceability with audit logs
  • Plug-in to CA SCM to enable end to end ALM.
  • Track User Stories
  • Requirements Tracking within a Project, Enhancement or Maintenance Request.
  • Regulatory Compliance and governance
  • Enhanced communication between developers, management, and executives.
  • Collaborative Development
  • Build Automation
  • Caters to all development methodologies
  • Reporting on all aspects of the application’s lifecycle.
  • Create Projects, Requirements, Test Cases, Test Plans, Build Results, Defects, and Issues.
  • Developers reduce time building/deploying due to automated build processes, spend more time developing
  • Managers reduce time managing with greater communication and more traceability.
  • Handles any type of development set-up
  • Improve the quality of an application and decrease time to develop.
  • One tool to manage SCM and ALM
  • Windows, Linux clients or
  • Internet Enabled Browser (all major browsers supported: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE)
  • Server Windows or Linux
  • DB Oracle
  • Recommend 4G Server, 512M Client, 4G Web Server, 2GHz Processor (x 4 for server)
  • A truly comprehensive approach to traceability which keeps track of:
  • Requirements
  • User Stories
  • Version Control
  • Issue Tracking
  • Defect Tracking
  • Documents
  • Comments
  • Audit Logs
  • Test Plans / Test Cases
  • Complete Traceability and Audit
  • Dashboard Reporting and Metrics


  • Role based, flexible, extendable
  • Users in one or more groups
  • Security customizable down to the field level in every object

pureSCM ALM on its own, allows any size of company to manage requirements, improve quality control, improve traceability and reduce the management time spent on a project by allowing communication between developers and project managers throughout the application’s lifecycle.

pureSCM ALM is fully configurable to meet your organizations requirements.
The pureSCM ALM plugin combined with CA software change management (SCM) can provide key features to your company’s processes which include:

  • Requirements management
  • Build and test control
  • Issue/defect tracking
  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Traceability
  • Collaboration between team members

This allows the use of any type of development methodology (waterfall, scrum, extreme, agile), to deliver high quality applications with increased efficiency.  pureSCM ALM removes the boundaries between developers, management and operations to reduce the cost of managing the lifecycle of an application. pureSCM ALM is where business processes are integrated with an application’s lifecycle.

You choose the functionality that’s right for your environment. The CA SCM platform is available as just CA SCM or including the ALM plugin.

SCM | Provides an easy path for the developer to go through all stages of development, with collaboration between other developers.

ALM | Adds to SCM providing project tracking, requirements analysis, traceability and comment/document sharing providing software development lifecycle end to end support.

Combining CA SCM with the pureSCM ALM plugin enables your organization to manage all aspects of the software development life cycle with its unparalleled technology.


The pureSCM ALM Client integrates natively with CA SCM. CA SCM with the pureSCM ALM plug-in enables developers to work within their development environment to fully support Visual Studio or Eclipse based tools.

  • Web or IDE access
  • Collaborative Development
  • Automated build processes combined with version control for complete traceability
  • Traceability and Auditability
  • Secure access to projects and reports
  • Team Collaboration
  • Decreased overhead
  • Decrease costs of an application’s lifecycle
  • Improve predictability of the development organization
  • Creates governance and regulatory compliance